In  2008 Ford Racing gave us a reason to scream in delight by building and offering to the public 50 turnkey factory drag cars using the legendary Cobra Jet moniker. Based on the S197 body style and powered by a 5.4L supercharged engine, the NHRA Stock/Super Stock scene would never be the same. Soon after, Dodge followed Fords lead and brought a formidable contender to the party in the form of the new Dodge V10 Drag Pack Challenger. The new Challenger wasted no time setting the AA/Stock ET record. Both cars are battling for supremacy at NHRA national and divisional races nationwide. For 2012 GM is making it clear that they will not be left out and intends to steal the thunder of both their competitors with the new COPO Camaro. Armed with supercharged 327’s or naturally aspirated 427 engines, GM Performances’ arsenal is aimed at taking control and ruling the Stock/Super Stock scene. What do these amazing turnkey Hot Rods have in common? They all exhale through American Racing Headers. We call it “The Trifecta” , an accomplishment we’re quite proud of. It takes a tremendous effort to develop parts that meet the expectations of The Big Three, especially when their plans are to stomp whomever is in the other lane. Let the 100% US made header systems of American Racing Headers make the difference in your hot rod.
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